Apple Macbook Air: The best gaming laptop?

Believe it or not, the Macbook Air is actually a serious contender to the Razer Blade gaming laptop, if for nothing more than it has global availability and that it costs two and half times less!

So really how capable is the Macbook Air?
Ok so it might not having the Ultra HD screen and bleeding edge Nvidia graphics but…., it IS only half the weight at only 1kg! Now think about portability, if you’re rockin an Air the simple thought of “oh gee I have to lug laptop with me today and the big fancy carry bag”, becomes a no brainer, you can just take it with you on the spur of the moment like you would your iPad on any tablet. But what about it actually being charged when I just want to grab it? Thanks to the 9 hour battery it’s likely always going to have some juice in it already in it..

All this adds up to one simple fact, you’re more likely take it with you and use it a whole lot more if you can just pick up and go than a battery eating brick of a laptop and whats the point of having something super like the Razer if it’s going to spend most of it’s time being stationary, stuck at home when you’re out and about? The other side of things is that, if you’re actually going to be at home to invest in some quality gaming time, then you might as well just use your main desktop PC. Otherwise you’ve just got yourself a very very expensive paper weight.

But wait there’s more, what about the Air’s secret sauce?
What you might not be totally aware about, is that the Air has a top of the range Intel 5000HD graphics card, which is actually pretty brutal in it’s own right. If you glaze over the specs for any similar laptop then these are all using the previous antiquated 4000HD generation even two years later, no other manufacturer seems to be using the current generation of integrated graphics, despite charging even more than the Air.

Now what if the Macbook Air isn’t the one processing the game?
Heard of cloud gaming? What if you could host your own and have desktop quality graphics where ever you are? This is actually easier than you think and hotly becoming the next game changing craze (to be touched on in future articles). What if you offload the processing to your main desktop with all its graphical power, the Air suddenly becomes free from all its restraints and transforms back into being amazing at what it was designed to be. You use if the Air isn’t running the game locally, it’s not chewing through it’s battery, suddenly you get back that colossal 9 hour run time and all the benefit of being easy to carry around because it’s so light! Any gaming laptop no matter how great will rip through its battery within 2 hours at full load.

But is cloud \ stream gaming really that great?
You betcha and in fact it’s even better than you’d think. We tested the recently released Steam in home streaming to play Watchdogs you can’t tell it’s not running on the Air itself, no lag, no slow down, I challenge you to try it yourself and see if you can really even tell.

Gentlemen - The Macbook Air, the clear winner

Gentlemen – The Macbook Air, the clear winner


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