Bicycle gaming, can you really mix exercise and games?

Over the last decade a lot of attention has been paid by console makers on promoting “Healthy Games” with questionable gains, however today I decided to trial a simple idea to see if the you can mix the two and really get noticeable health benefits and of course you can!

Bicycle Gaming

Bicycle Gaming

The premise is simple, you are hard at work trying to keep yourself motivated during your extended cardio workout on your exercise / static bicycle and find yourself being beaten by the utter boredom of watching the same patch of wall, door, or if you’re lucky some new mundane thingy! So we have a solution, hook up a screen to PC and use the bicycle as a giant stand! Such genius can’t believe no one has tried it before

Time to try this out with a much more refined attempt using your existing PC the addition of a USB monitor and some secret sauce!!

Things you need;

An exercise bike.
A USB monitor (or a gaming tablet)
Some kind of computer.
An interesting game.
A wireless mouse.
A 5m USB extension cable.
Secret Sauce! (aka Angle PVC from hardware store cut to size, costs almost nothing)

Once you’ve got your dream rig finally up and running, what do you actually do with said setup!

Play some games of course, but which! Oddly enough trying to a fast paced FPS while biking is a guaranteed recipe for disaster, but fear not there are a handful of games that are well suited to keeping your attention but don’t need your constant attention… The best gaming genre I found was the simulation game.. My personal favourites are

Civilization V

There are lots of simulation games you can enjoy 🙂

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