Digital Audio is finally here!

The digital age has been with us for quite some time, however every phone seems to insist on coming with a cheap 3.5mm analog headphone jack… ┬áthat $1,5000 flashy phone you just got or the $400 Bose, Beats cans, they all have one thing in common, they’re all still analog! Of course you can get various DAC’s (none of which are particularly portable or suited for smartphone use) to boost your tunes, but these still end up with an analog output. Now however for the first time that’s all about to change, finally you can get your mitts on a pure digital system to deliver a rich audio experience like never before…

The best part to all of this is that it doesn’t matter what camp you’re in, you can benefit from digital audio on iOS or Android (Lollipop upwards) using your Mfi Lightning or Micro USB port.


UNITY 1 – iOS iPhone & iPad

Currently seeking funding is the new UNITY 1, digital earphone which absolutely look amazing, what an exciting time to own an iPhone.. if you really want to improve your on the go music then jump in now and help support the birth of digital audio before these hit retail at a substantially higher price. We have snagged a pair for ourselves and can’t wait for our delivery later in the year.

Source | Kickstarter


DE16 – Android Micro Usb Earphones Worldwide exclusive from

Not to be outdone by the iOS equivalent, the DE16 are able to leverage a new feature in Android Lollipop where by you can route all your audio via the Micro USB. The best part?! You can now already purchase your very own fully digital earphones with inbuilt DAC. We have a pair winging their way to us, once we have received ours we’ll do a full review to see how good sweet, sweet digital audio is.

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