Fast charging your gadgets, get the gear so you don’t take all day

With phone and tablet batteries coming in ever increasing sizes, how long they take charge becomes a real problem especially when you don’t have all day and have more than just your phone to charge!

It’s all about Amps baby!

Batteries are measured in mah, mili amp hours, and this gives you a rough indication to the capacity of the battery when you’re comparing gadgets, for example an iPhone 6 has a battery around 1,800mah where as an LG G2 has a 3,000mah battery so the G2 has almost double the battery life. But how does this relate to charging them up super quick? To work this out you will be wanting to use the right kind of charger, as this will be able to output xxxmah per hour, for example if you have a charger that has an output of 1,000mah (1amp) then it will take 3 hours to charge up the G2. Now however there are tonnes of phone chargers that put out way less than 1,000mah, I’ve had “travel chargers” measuring a puny 150mah, which will take, like forever, to charge up my huge phone battery. Generally the cheaper a charger is the worse it will perform and this is why, as most of you have found out you can’t just use any old smartphone charger on your tablet (typically 2amp), because it doesn’t output enough mili amps.

But what about the charging cable??

Now this is where things get interesting, one of the least known facts and the real reason for this post… a good quality cable matters as much as the charger, with a cheap cable all your doing is slowing down the mah’s on the way to your phone. You see, the thicker the cable is, the more charge (mah’s) it can transmit to your phone… the cable will be measured in a thickness gauge known as “AWG” or American wire gauge, the lower the number the thicker the wire.. cheap wires will be measured at 28AWG where as a good quality original manufacturer cable will be 25AWG… The AWG you will want to be looking for is 22AWG (they will be hard to find), I have personally been able to find only a single source of 20AWG cables and they make a big difference, in some instances almost quadrupling the charging speed.

Yes they are pricey and they have side of effect of coming in around a 1m length, but with one of these cables and a tablet charger, you will literally blink and see your battery jump from a few %’s to the high 60’s within a short moment of time, I guarantee it will take you by surprise every time.

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