Kindle Fire TV (UK Edition) – First Impressions

The Fire TV finally lands, check out the video review and a comparison of other Android stick computers

First Impressions

The hardware itself is pretty slick and if you’re happy staying within the Amazon eco system, I’m sure you’ll be very happy indeed. However there isn’t that much content, but this isn’t why I purchased the fire TV, I’m interested in breaking out of that and seeing how easy it is to do.

No Web browser

This is kind of biggie, there’s no web browser and you can’t install one out of the box as dolphin browser is limited to the US Amazon store only.

Limited Bluetooth

That’s right, no keyboards, no mice, even when you side load Firefox it’s a right pain to use…

So What Can You Do?

Play PC games.. Lots of them… Hooking up an Xbox 360 or Bluetooth controller meant I could stream my home PC games and completely forgot I wasn’t playing on my computer hardware. 

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