Pivothead Architect Edition – Video Smart Glasses Unboxing

Getting your smarts on

Today I had the pleasure of receiving the brand new Pivothead smartglasses, designed to allow you to film hands free POV (Point of View) video. One of the unique features of the newly designed Pivotheads is allowing you to extend the functionality of your glasses, with extra batteries or even stream live your feed to your own dedicated internet channel.


What about Google Glass?

Well, what about it? Google Glass isn’t currently a shipping product and costs 7x the price. Aside from these two things, Glass has only one real use case, POV filming. Unfortunately this is almost totally impossible to achieve in real life, as you will look so so out of place with them on, no one is going to act naturally. In fact people will see you coming and be creeped out, they are not ubiquitous at all and here lies Pivothead’s true strength, they look like a regular pair of eye wear and won’t suddenly make you stand out a mile, so you can get on with what you’re doing and film those moments you want to share.


Unboxing the full package

The Pivothead smart glasses come in a impressive array of packaging and extras, with amazing attention to detail and artwork, you really do feel like you have purchased a premium product.

Pivothead Architect Edition

Pivothead Architect Edition

Unlike previous generations and competing video glasses, Pivothead’s include both clear and tinted lenses, letting you choose between not scorching your retinas in beautiful sunshine or being more socially acceptable indoors, when rocking the sunglasses look in winter will really turn heads. This is a welcome addition and I hadn’t realised this when ordering and was a little skeptical I would be forever doomed with one or the other social setting.

Initial impressions

Fortunately other than my own, the impressions of my colleagues were surprising , trying them on in the office, I was met with a welcome, “they actually look pretty decent”.  Taking a quick selfie, I thought these actually look quite a bit better than my actual sun glasses!* (I really need to get some new ones).

They aren’t heavy in the slightest and have good weight distribution, the arms are surprisingly narrow and are on par with regular face wear, all in all the glasses lack any sort of bulk and will quite easily mistaken for a traditional pair of dumb glasses. (This is a good thing!). This is mostly due to alot of the functionality being moved to end of the arms through the use of mods. If you’re lucky enough to have long hair no one will notice you are wearing some very cool tech… Sadly as I don’t have long hair I won’t be getting away with this.



The camera on the front of the glasses is fairly pronounced and will definitely be noticeable if you want to walk up to someone.. sorry if you were planning on getting some subtle recording done, you’re plain out of luck, these are not meant to be spy glasses. Walking down a busy street I wouldn’t have thought they would be too much of a problem, just don’t get too close and maybe pay attention where you are, definately don’t walk into a bank. After all this is new tech, there are new social boundaries to establish, just don’t be that guy who thinks it’s totally alright wherever you go.


What’s the filming like?

Once we have them fully charged and had a real chance to put them through their paces, tune in a week or so, for our full in depth hands on review. We’ll be looking at all aspects of how they perform, from low light conditions, motion and down to what kind of memory cards they support, hopefully from 64GB upwards. Being able to record at 1080p Full HD, I just found a compelling reason to upgrade to a shiny 128GB microsd card.

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