Samsung Galaxy S7 – The most powerful Android smartphone 2016

Samsung returns with the best

Forget the blip of what the Galaxy S6 brought because the S7 brings back all of the adored features of the Samsung Galaxy line, namely the MicroSD card support AND IP68 waterproofing and even liquid cooling, it’s like all our prayers have been answered!

What exactly to do with that much storage?

You may already know that you can now readily buy a 200GB MicroSD card, however with these falling to an all time low low price for <$90 you can start doing some unbelievable stuff. How about buying a cheaper Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB and then simply dropping a 200GB MicroSD card. ok you’ve been able to do this for a while on Android, but new in Android 6.0 Marshmallow you can activate a little known feature called ‘Adoptable Storage’ where the MicroSD card literally becomes one with your phone, throwing out the 32GB it started life with and instead using the whopping 200GB card you just threw in!


Bigger longer lasting battery

The other wrong to be fixed in the new S7 line up is the pitifully small battery that penalised you for daring to use that new phone of yours, with the S7 Edge now featuring a 3,600mah option, this is one of the biggest batteries on a smartphone, by quite a margin compared to the iPhone 6s.


Amazing camera specs, capture everything

Samsung’s dual pixel technology lets your camera focus & start capturing light from the moment you start taking your, picture with the S7 being the first smartphone to incorporate this pro feature, by comparison to the iPhon 6s the S7 uses 95% more pixels to focus on the shot using an incredible camera aperture f/1.7




When can I have one? (Free Gear VR)

The Galaxy S7 will be on sale March 11th, however numerous carriers (Three, O2, Carphonewarehouse) all have advertised that they are taking pre-orders and that you will be get your hands on the new handset three days before general release. Customers purchasing their S7 will also recieve a free Gear VR, this is likely one of the biggest reasons why Samsung optted to keep the micro usb port, otherwise they would have to re engineer their Gear VR headset, certainly annoying anyone who already owned one looking to upgrade.


But why liquid cooling and better benchmarking?

Now this is quite an interesting new concept, does liquid cooling seem like overkill for a smartphone? But cast your mind back to the horrific overheating problems that plagued the first generation of Snapdragon 810 SoC, these gave amazing looking benchmark performance, but if you ran the same benchmarking process a 2nd or 3rd time, the device would severely throttle back as tried to cope with all the heat it had generated from the previous runs… now with a more impressive cooling method, your phone will be able to operate in games just like how it benchmarks when it’s running at full pelt. To be fair though it will be an added bonus that it doesn’t just burn your shiny new AMOLED screen from running Chrome all the time.

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