So what’s going on with VR? Is it just 3D all over

The VR future is finally coming

Seems like VR is really starting to kick off, with new details of from Oculus, manufacturers getting a batch of new stickers ready for “VR Ready” and the $99 Gear it seems to  be in full swing…

But it’s not all that it seems

Well you might be thinking this is some crazy talk, but let me take a second to rain all over the VR parade… VR where it is right now (and where it will be over the next year) is just 3D by another name *shock*… That amazing future you were promised by TV manufacturers when 3D came and went, well it’s back and we’re all being duped into “VR”. Here let me explain….

Wearing a 3D display helmet does not make it VR

It’s all about the experiences and more importantly their control inputs, VR only becomes VR when we have a great deal of immersion and that includes whatever your hands are doing (Nintendo really cracked it here with the Wii, maybe Nx is a VR helmet and they win!), now think about this for a second, you have your PS4 and your shiny new Morpheus headset, what is your primary input going to be? Your regular controller right? Wearing a 3D display on your face while holding your dualshock controller is no more VR than well… your 3D TV.

You would be better off calling this a personal display, definitely not VR, because I absolutely not see anyone wanting to be bothered with this generation of motion controller with everyone lazing back to their regular play patterns of controller in hand with maybe their personal 3D display.

Now how about VR on mobile that’s definitely VR right?

Well the same from above really applies to inputs, but for the sake of having an original argument lets tackle this from another angle. Again your smartphone is just a personal display, albeit a really really personal one this time, but controlling the game is severely limited to just being able to move your head… and stare at the screen or maybe tilt around a bit… but there are only so many games you can make with the same looking and tilting mechanic, and this does not make for a VR experience… after all what inputs are you going to use? Unlike consoles, there are no controllers readily available and no developer is going to invest in making a game where the primary control mechanism relies on buying a random third party controller (cue a Nexus controller), most people playing will not have a bluetooth controller to hand.

So there we go, without even needing to state, how long before the market converges on a set of common VR standards and you realise theres only two half decent games to play on that natively support that VR setup you just splurged $800 on.. really wait, please wait till VR has really sorted itself out before throwing your money away.

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