Tencent release OS for wearables and smartwatches

The Chinese behemoth that is Tencent have decided to create a new OS of things;

. Tencent is the latest to throw its hat into the ring with a new OS that’s, unsurprisingly, able to be used on phones, games consoles, VR devices and smartwatches.

The offering itself is broken into two parts: TOS+, a “smart open platform strategy” that leverages the company’s various social services, including QQ, WeChat and Weiyun, sitting above the nuts-and-bolts Tencent OS. The company has pledged not to manufacture its own hardware, but will instead lean on firms like Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and Qualcomm to help build devices. Information is sketchy as to the foundation of Tencent OS, but it’s highly likely that the system is a fork of Android, at least in some respects. Of course, Tencent isn’t the first outfit that’s attempted to beat Google at its own game, with Alibaba, Baidu and Korea’s Samsung all releasing their own OSes, with varying degrees of success.

Tencent is not the first to jump on this opportunity. Alibaba launched a smart home business focused on turning any device or utility into a ‘smart’ one, while it already uses its ‘Yun OS’ — which is being adopted by Meizu, a smartphone maker that Alibaba invested in. Xiaomi too has a ‘platform’ of hardware companies those devices are sold within its Mi.com online store, and optimized for its smartphones.

That said, just launching a new platform doesn’t turn it into a success. Baidu, for one, closed downits Android ROM last month due to lack of interest. The Chinese giant may have opted out of mobile, but it did acquire ROM maker Dianxin indicating that it does still have aspirations in this space. Samsung is still trying to sell developers on Tizen, but the operating system has yet to become a viable competitor to Android.

Via Engadget | Tech Crunch


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