The best Android smartphone 2016

How to pick the best smartphone

With Android OS owning 85% market share and all the different hardware / software combinations it’s a daunting task to figure out where your bucks should be going; Well actually it may not be as difficult as you think.

Avoid just checking out the buzz words

Company’s will be trying every trick to make you think their phone is the fastest, bestest thing since well, last year’s if you focus on this, you really will never look at what you’re really buying, for this as with laptops you have to get under the skin of what you’re buying, or what makes it ticks…


Understanding your hardware choices

This is very important, if you don’t fancy this then go Apple, if you buy an iPhone you really don’t have to worry about how amazing the GPU is, they already figured all that for you… However if you really don’t feel like paying over the odds or you want to enjoy the freedom and creativity each manufacturer can show off, you need to look at the SoC the phone is shipping with i.e the CPU / GPU combo and this will be the Snapdragon 820 that will fulfil all your needs. Basically any phone with the Snapdragon 820 will do you just fine.

So I want my phone to have all the following

This is mainly what I want my phone to be able to do for the $1,000 or so that I am shelling out for, I want it to last and I want it to handle whatever the future can throw at it, finally 2016 is the year that tech can pull all this off;

4K resolution screen:
For showing off 4K content, because there just isn’t any 1440p content, there is either 4K or 1080p. 1440p screens just eat up your precious battery pixels for absolutely no reason. 4k screens for 4K content and 1080p for normal menu usage. (This is how the new Xperia survive on small batteries)

Native 4K capable:
I want a SoC that has been built from the ground up to handle the rigours of 4K, that is optimised for it and isn’t just going to manage at the expense of eating all my battery up. (Snapdragon 820 here again)

25MP+ DSLR Camera:
Digital zoom is a terrible thing, so I need as many pixels to cram into my pictures in the first places so I can zoom and crop as needed before loosing out on all the gorgeous detail.

Water Resistant:
Spending a small fortune on lets face it a phone that probably more than a month’s rent that can’t be dropped in the toilet or read in the bath??

Expandable Memory:
Those 4K snaps at 30fps bursts and 270fps slow mo all need somewhere to live, luckily 128GB micro sd cards have really come right down.

Internally sealed water resistant ports:
I’m so over my phone constantly reminding me that I have to close all the ports and check the back cover before I spill my coffee all over it..

Laser Autofocus:
That squirrel hasn’t got all day to wait around for me to snap it. Actually this in general quite useful for action shots or just generally to stop them looking like everyone has been smudged all over.

OLED Display:
I might not be able to tell how many 4K pixels are burning into my retinas (especially if you have a VR strapped to your head), BUT I can definitely appreciate the amazing colors no matter how far away the display is.

128GB UFS 2.0:
Unified flash storage, internal memory is about 5x the speed of common EMMC that everyone else is content with. This means that your apps will load super fast and even if you had an external memory card, you can’t actually install apps on it anyway. 128GB storage because lets face it you won’t have a microsd slot and you will really wish you had spent the extra on more memory in a year’s time. And because 256GB is asking waaaay too much, Asus? 😉

4GB DDR4 unified System / GPU RAM:
Now this is the biggest deal left till last. For years everyone has knocked Android for needing so much RAM with the iPhone 6S the first to get past the 1GB barrier. You may not need 4GB of RAM, but wait hang on, what if it was all shared by GPU too? Who wouldn’t want a graphics card with 4GB of RAM in their phone? Ya see what Qualcomm just did there? (And no not even my computer has DDR4)!!!!!1111


Well this may seem an impossible list of things to ask for, and the first company that meets it, gets my money (and probably yours too) but! This is the future of the Snapdragon 820 coming to us very soon, clutch on to your pennies that while longer, the future is almost upon us.

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