The best Android Tablet 2015

How to win the great tablet debate

With the huge range of different tablets out, how do you whittle down which one is the best and not just in terms of value. There are many things to consider and not just how good it’s gaming chops are. By their very nature tablets are assigned to heavy duty tasks, where we expect them to have more storage more screen space, generally more of just about everything… so why oh why are they still pumping them out with a less than pathetic 16GB of storage… looking at you Nexus 9!

64GB & expandable storage for only $300!


So which one to go for?

Well this is quite an easy one, and you need to cast your net a bit further afield to get some decent hardware.. This is after all is how all the big western names make their bucks, by cashing in on the average consumer just settling for what they see in the shops.. However if you look up our friends in China and the big brands there, Xiaomi come out on top and can offer you stellar performance for the same amount. For example you can buy yourself the latest 16GB Nexus or for the same money, a 64GB WITH expandable storage from a big name brand. And you don’t lose out on performance or gaming as they’re equipped with the Nvidia Tegra K1… Think about how much gaming are you going to do when your pitiful 16GB is already done on just a handful of games?

How important is expandable memory?

Well if you opted for the Nexus, not at all because Google already decided for you that you don’t need anymore than 16GB… However with the Xiaomi super tablet, you can load up 128GB SD cards, and they have now actually become really affordable.. letting you move all your music, videos, pictures onto the card and keep your tablet space free for apps and more!

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