The LG smartphone that tried to burn the house down

LG Smartphone goes very very wrong

I awoke on an early Saturday to stench of melting plastic, unbeknown to me my LG smartphone was on a one way trip to full thermonuclear meltdown on the wooden locker alongside where I had dozed. For whatever reason this day, my once loyal smartphone had turned against me, deciding it should end it’s life in what could have easily been enveloping flames. In a panic I was forced to hurriedly disconnect the phone from the mains, searing the flesh on my hand as I rushed to get it from harm’s way… was this thing about to explode, it had already melted through the charging port, there was no way knowing it’s next move… Suddenly you remember all of the horror stories you’d seen on the internet becoming all too real, houses burning, phones exploding and you notice the distinct lack of fire proof surfaces. In a snap decision it was either him or me, throwing the phone outside into the cold and slamming the door fearing the worst. I would have wait to see what happen next if I wasn’t already running to water tap to stop the intense burning in my hand.

LG Smartphone burning

This wasn’t going to be a good day

What actually caused it?

I have honestly no idea why, it’s already had quite a few heat problems but I guess LG doesn’t pay attention to these things, with the phone running super hot when running Chrome resulting in burn marks on the screen, I blame their Lollipop update getting it hot enough to melt itself, but I wasn’t really expecting a toasted Marshmallow.

And the insurance company are covering it?

Actually nope, I didn’t take out cover for my personal possessions because you know, I’m not in the business of melting my phone on a regular basis.

This can never happen to me right?

Yeh of course not, this is the stuff of internet boogeyman stories, at least that’s what I thought until it happened to me! after all this isn’t one of those websites where they take pleasure in regularly torturing their phones.

Ok Woah so it couldn’t have gotten far worse?

Oh sure, there aren’t countless stories of people burning to death in their beds… Had this phone been on mine, or even if it had started real toasty any sooner or had decided to have myself a nice lie in… who knows!

LG burnt rear

The phone is on fire, the phone is on fire!

And now you’re just all burnt and phoneless?

Ok ok so it was only my little finger, but it still frigging hurt! But luckily one shiny new Galaxy S7 it’s on it’s way for a full hands on review tomorrow the 8th, which will NOT be set fire too, sorry but you’ll have to get your pyrocy kicks from elsewhere 🙂

LG pinky burn

Pinky got a toasting

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