The smallest streaming box for your gaming home server

Asus has released one of the smallest and powerful graphics cards for mini-itx setups, with a card so small, this re defines what your home gaming system can be. This is the new generation of home server, where games can be played anywhere with games being processed remotely by this tiny box! You can now game from any place in or out of the house. Imagine the latest games being played on outstanding AMOLED screens or a portable setup for an untethered Virtual Reality use.

All this magic comes about from the new mini-itx card the Asus 760GTX Mini

ASUS GeForce® GTX 760 DC Mini
Finding the right case
Now we have the gaming card that makes all this possible, it’s time to pick an elegant case to house your new system. Two possible cases are…
Sharkoon CA-I Mini-ITX
Corsair Obsidian 250D
Taking things further
Personally I’d love to slim down the whole system down even further;
  • No optical drive bays
  • No hard drive bays, use 480GB M.2 Sata storage instead.
  • Updated mini GPU using ultra low power Nvidia Maxwell based architecture
  • Low power Intel Broadwell CPU

If you have found a mini-itx case that does away of all these things to be the most ultra compact system, get in touch and leave a comment below.

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