Virtual Reality Guns – Wiimote

The answer to what we should be using for the best Virtual Reality experience is quickly being answered, if you want the best visuals and an immersive experience then a 1440p 120+ FOV HMD running at least 90fps seems to be the best bet..


However what isn’t so clear is what peripherals we should be using to further enhance our level of immersion, this is particularly important for shooting games as a considerable amount of technology is required to track where a player is aiming; A much lower bar to VR are racing games where high end steering wheels have been out for some times.


Redefining Gameplay

The real crux for gameplay is that VR rewrites the rule book when it comes to gameplay, what might be fun with a mouse just isn’t practical with a physical real world representation of a pistol, where your accuracy is sorely deterimented by your ability to aim, what may be a simple shootout amongst some cars, may be actually in VR, be way too difficult to perform the high accuracy shots required to pass a level. This will require game developers to really tailor game experiences to what people can achieve without a mouse.


Picking the right peripheral

Immersion isn’t just wearing a 4K screen, it’s the realistic feel of the input device and this appears to be the newest ground being broken. For this YouTube we tracked down a very rare Wiimote controller that is a replica of the Walther P99, this is an officially licensed design so it will likely the best you can get in game controllers. The first limitation is that something built for the Nintendo Wii is not just going to play nice with your PC setup, this is where GlovePie comes into it’s own allowing custom scripts to be designed to interface with a Wiimote.

The next hurdle is that this particular controller does not come with motion plus so this must be added (somewhat interrupting the look of the controller), to augment the motion of the device;


This is an early attempt at using a new GlovePie script, as you can see using BlueEstate’s gesture system (swiping up) causes massive problems in accuracy for a few seconds, requiring the player to realign their cursor during the next firefight. The other beauty of this controller is that button for reloading etc and located on the side within easy reach of an index finger instead of being totally out of reach when using a standard Wiimote in a pistol holder.


But what to play?

So going back to our argument that not all gaming experiences will be fit for VR, especially when playing with a pistol, the next question is what games are suited to play with such a controller so not to break this illusion? For example playing a game with a machine gun risks breaking immersion when someone is using a pistol controller, anyway a few suitable ideas come to mind;


Left 4 Dead (Pistols can feature heavily)

Blue Estate (Rail shooters are the best case)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Pistols can be used extensively if desired)

Hard Reset (A good shooter giving plenty of time to adjust)

Judge Dredd; (If ever gets a modern remake, but the character is based almost entirely on using a pistol for combat)


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